Kate offers a variety of sessions, both in-person (Marina del Rey) and virtually. From weekly sessions to quarterly check-ins to full-day private and corporate assessments, Kate provides intuitive guidance tailored to your objectives.

A session with Kate can unlock doors, increase clarity, and foster healing. Book a session today to accelerate your journey toward positive change.

30 Minute
Introductory Consultation

Book an introductory consultation today to see if working with Kate is a good fit.

1 Hour
Healing or Guidance

This is a healing or guidance session, customizable to your needs.

1.5 Hours
Healing & Guidance

90 minute customized healing and guidance session.

3 Hours
— CustomIZED

Part of this session can occur outside; hiking, walking on the beach, or in nature.

With Kate Customized to Your Needs

Part of this session can occur outside; hiking, walking on the beach, or in nature.

Disclaimer: Energy healing is considered an alternative, complementary approach and does not replace the need for traditional medical care through your physician or licensed professional. 

Real Estate Amplification & Space Clearing

REAL ESTATE Consultation

Book an introductory consultation today to see if working with Kate on your real estate property is a good fit.

VENUE & Private Home Clearing

An in-depth process for clearing space before and after important events, with varying levels of immersion.

Disclaimer: Real estate clearing and amplification require individual customization. Book an introductory call to discuss.


My name’s Kate.

I’m a native New Yorker with a passion for adventure, nature, animals, love, travel, coffee, and real connections. I was adopted at birth into a loving and generous family, but this did not come without dysfunction and trauma. Growing up around people with depression and addiction issues, I couldn’t understand why people weren’t talking about what was happening right in front of my eyes. This internal conflict became a catalyst for my work.

As an energy transmuter & intuitive channel, I found people coming to me for advice on a wide range of matters. My ability to empathize and truly understand people has evolved into my ability to detect issues and help facilitate meaningful connections. Having the ability to feel what people are feeling and understand it gives me an advantage in helping decode and solve problems in many arenas.

My passion lies in helping people and groups connect more genuinely. I believe that life becomes more harmonious when we communicate honestly, with vulnerability. And being vulnerable does not mean you’re weak! By doing so, we create a clear path for the right people and opportunities to enter our lives. I am not one for small talk; my approach is direct and honest, building genuine connection.

Some of my unconventional journey in self-discovery included training in intuitive workshops, couples counseling, weapons training, mindset development, endurance challenges, trauma healing, and acting. Each of these experiences has pushed out of my comfort zone, expanding my perspective in complex situations, and ultimately shaping me into the human I am today.

I look forward to connecting with you. 

Kate 💗💗💗

Creator of “52 Hearts” movement.

Kate possesses an uncanny ability to establish trust, inspire an open, honest dialogue, and then drill down to the core issue in record time! Her intuitive ability to sort through the clutter, helped me to process and work through a difficult breakup that was making me just feel stuck. In seemingly no time at all, Kate helped me ‘re-open’ my heart and get my life back on track.

Rob, CEO & Veteran

Kate has helped me through some of my darkest days. Without her guidance and encouragement I would have never left my loveless and emotionally abusive marriage. I have moved forward with my life and have been beyond fortunate and blessed to have found love, light, and happiness for not only myself but my four kids. I never would have had the courage to leave. I’m happier then I could have even imagined.

Carrie, mother of 4